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15 Gedichtenbundels

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  • 15 Poesi bøger

All poetry took was stop reading that book, and start taking time to write a rhyme. Sometimes one picture or one sentence just isn’t enough to express one emotion. I’ve written 15 gedichtenbundels about me and my thoughts but haven’t managed to get them published yet. So I guess it’s time to go look for an uitgever… all sharing and help are more the welkom.

15 Gedichtenbundels

Boeken en Gedichten

– Books and Poetry

– Bücher und Gedichte

Summer is over. Get over it. Back to school. Back to autumn. A nice time to stay inside your hut and start reading. If necessary even an autobiografie or perhaps some rijmpjes. But always with illustrations. Any ‘ol book gotsta have illustrations. Without them it would be just lettersoup… get the picture?!

Boeken en Gedichten


– Poèmes de la course

– Poesie della corsa

Twenty images of gedichten over fietsen. Some on the works as a bikemessenger. Some on the life of that other professional cycling. Hopefully one day rearranged into a saleable poetry bundle. And the big book of cycling heroes is also getting there (already at 70%). Which means works to do, but the weather is nice, so I am out riding…