Expo I

Expo I

– Expo I

After a year’s painting and writing on my personal psycho I started to do some works too on cycling and how I look at that world and the achievements of professional cyclists. I initiated my first expo at Boekhandel Hijman en Arends. I am now an artist. I am the man next to God and make my own science fiction turn into augmented reality. All of your windowshopping can be performed at Grote oord 15, Arnhem.

Responses to Expo I

  1. Tjeerd schreef:

    – Ziet er goed uit en dan heb ik het niet alleen over de website

    -Looks good and I’m not only talking about the website

  2. Wouter schreef:

    Vette shit, ouwe!
    Ik ga gauw eens kijken hoe het erbij hangt…

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