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Singe Aap A monkey without a tail is still a monkey with a tale. My 26th book is finished and though it’s most likely to become an never-ending story of books and books and books… Ich bin stolz wie ein Affe.

september 7, 2017
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Progress Fortschritt Continuously all evolves. But whether that makes me a monkey, a kameleon or simply mensch are 3 questions in one. And this turnaround only has 2 options… So whatever happens, stopping or standing still are the same 1.

juni 13, 2017
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Roken Fumare It sucks. It makes infertile. It gives bad breath. It causes gum disease. It is addictive. It kills. It hurts children. It damages skin.

april 8, 2017
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Failure is optional

Mislukken is mogelijk L’échec est facultatif Koko broke his ears and tail in the proces of immortalization. So for his perseverance I grant him a statue.

april 6, 2017
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Feel – Play – Think – Work

Voel – Spel – Denk – Werk Fühl – Spiel – Denk – Arbeit Confusing emotion with ratio was one of my many mistakes. Or should I say one of my few lessons. The serious side of me needs to be immature and natural as a monkey. The trivial side of me would like to be cultured and Read More

februari 23, 2017
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Portefeuille Portafoglio I’d like to get my work more seen, more read, more known. So I uploaded most of it to Behance. To share it so you can share it. The majority is in Dutch, but feel free to ask for translations or more info. Some of it is about cycling, some books are for kids Read More

oktober 3, 2016
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15 Gedichtenbundels

15 Libros de poesía 15 Poesi bøger All poetry took was stop reading that book, and start taking time to write a rhyme. Sometimes one picture or one sentence just isn’t enough to express one emotion. I’ve written 15 gedichtenbundels about me and my thoughts but haven’t managed to get them published yet. So I guess it’s time to go look Read More

september 29, 2016
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25 Boeken

25 Liber 25 Bücher What would an autobiographic artist be without a book? Romanticism, psychoanalyses, pain, ambiguity, storytelling, childhood, truth, ego, self reflections, pictures, fun and comparisons. I’ve written 25 books about me and my thoughts but haven’t managed to get them published yet. So I guess it’s time to go look for an uitgever… all sharing and help are Read More

september 27, 2016
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Opdracht Comisíon The always busy people form Mantel wanted artwork, so I got to work. A painted canvas and 60 riso-prints were the result of some nice teamwork. So all work and no play, you think. Ofcourse not, we had a couple of beers to celebrate cycling and kunst. And that worked out just fine!

september 7, 2016
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Gagnez! To win! From 9th of april till the 20th of may. My expo about cycling at Mantel Superstore in Arnhem. The Giro d’Italia is coming to our Kikkerlandje so we’re living on a roze wolk. Ride over to see my canvases, poetry, drawings, bustes on fietsen, faire du vélo, cycling. And go score yourself that prize!

april 7, 2016
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