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Alter Ego

Andere Ik Autre Moi Be a monkey by heart. Be dog towards feeling. Be chameleon in head. Let your only goal be you. I guess it’s alright to alternate egos to accept me in the first place, naturellement.

oktober 9, 2018
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Le Tour

De France TdF Cycling has become a synonym of hypocrisy… I hate doping, and when I get caught I call it medicine. I want no part of this wielrennen anymore, but I’d like to sell you my art. Cause that makes the circle round again, as round as the Ronde van Frankrijk.

juli 9, 2018
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Schoolbord Tableau Noir So I won’t forget. And you’ll remember. To write down in schoolbordkrijt what needs to be bought, told, cleaned or done. And yes, Koko said there were no bananas left, Leon used different colors to express himself, And Jack already mentioned that he needed to poo.

juni 11, 2018
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Artículo Artikel I’m never doing much. Because I got all I want. Or need for that matter. So sometimes I share the abundance of what is good and nice. For all-o-yall. To make happy makes happy. No big item, but still…

maart 18, 2018
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Het Museum

* Le Musée * El Museo Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen lets kids be curators. They can pick up and arrange their own exhibition with real museum pieces. From an ancient egyptian sculpture (2500 years old) to a modern dutch painting (2016). I’m proud to say some of my work is featured. But even more Read More

januari 3, 2018
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In control

Touwtjes in handen Stringhe nelle mani Pulling strings. Master of puppet. Skipping the rope. Giving accord to the cord. Life’s bananas, a thin line, but I’m an artist.

november 21, 2017
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Singe Aap A monkey without a tail is still a monkey with a tale. My 26th book is finished and though it’s most likely to become an never-ending story of books and books and books… Ich bin stolz wie ein Affe.

september 7, 2017
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Progress Fortschritt Continuously all evolves. But whether that makes me a monkey, a kameleon or simply mensch are 3 questions in one. And this turnaround only has 2 options… So whatever happens, stopping or standing still are the same 1.

juni 13, 2017
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Roken Fumare It sucks. It makes infertile. It gives bad breath. It causes gum disease. It is addictive. It kills. It hurts children. It damages skin.

april 8, 2017
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Failure is optional

Mislukken is mogelijk L’échec est facultatif Koko broke his ears and tail in the proces of immortalization. So for his perseverance I grant him a statue.

april 6, 2017
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