augustus 2011

Graeme Obree

– Superman sloopte zijn wasmachine om te fietsen
– Superman demolished his washingmachine for cycling
Graeme Obree is a Scottish racing cyclist and former bicycle messenger who broke the world hour record twice, first in his tucked style and later in another riding position, the Superman style. Both positions were later banned by the UCI.

Graeme Obree
Sensuele gedachten

Canvas for instance

– Door het lef te tonen niets te willen
– By showing the guts of wanting nothing

Where does one get ideas from, people often wonder. I don’t need to ask for you and I already know about me. A lot of my autobiographic art is made with markers on canvas, in books of paper or by poetry in ink. Sometimes for telling to you, always for talking to me.

Canvas for instance

Tom Simpson

– Beyond a gentleman’s physical limit for cycling
– Voorbij een gentleman’s fysieke limiet voor fietsen
Wittiness, perseverance, bowler hat and umbrella, World Champion, first British yellow jersey, there was so much more to him than dying on a bald mountain. Major Tom just wouldn’t stop cycling.

Tom Simpson
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